Vision Statement


This is a year for FCBC Walnut to fulfill our calling to be a vibrant church, that we must not hold back the gifts God has granted to each and every one of us. We are seeking…

To glorify God by being a vibrant church,
driven by a passion for
God’s Word, God’s family and God’s world
that reproduces vibrant churches
locally and globally.

In order to focus on God’s Word, family, and world, we must continue to be:

  • Biblical – God’s Word is what provides us the framework for living, refreshes our souls, and confronts us with God’s will as we align with Him.
  • Intergenerational – No matter your age or what language you speak, we wish to have a place where all feel welcome and to live in God’s family.
  • Missional – God’s world is global, and so we too must be global, reaching out to the lost both locally and abroad.

  • Only a vibrant church can reproduce other vibrant churches. Once that happens, we can be both DEEP and WIDE.


    Most importantly of all, you must be willing to orient your life around Jesus, to love Him passionately, and to live by the power of the Holy Spirit. The corporate applications are beneficial but are insufficient by themselves to fully embrace a life with Him.

    It must start with you.

    Here are three ways to align yourself and take ownership of our vision:

  • Pay attention to God
  • Participate in the process of ownership & alignment with our vision
  • Pray for the revival of one’s self and the church

  • Practically speaking, your part is to create a separate and sacred space in your life to be with God, not for the sake of doing devotions, but to continually learn and apply His wisdom into all facets of your life.


    這是核桃市第一華人浸信會要實現成為一個蓬勃的教會的呼召的一年,我們要毫無保留地使用神給我們每一個人的恩賜. 我們尋求…



  • 忠於聖經 – 神的話語提供我們生活上的準則,更新我們的心靈,並指正我們使我們能依照神的教導而活。
  • 世代傳承 – 不論你的年齡或語言,我們都歡迎你來到這個神的大家庭。
  • 宣教導向 – 神的世界是普世性的,所以我們亦要胸懷普世,要向本地和海外失喪的人傳福音。






  • 注意 神的作為
  • 參與能讓你對齊並認同我們的使命的每個過程
  • 為你自己和教會能得著復興禱告

  • 實際上,你的責任就是要在你的生命中分別出一個聖潔的空間來親近神,不只是為要作靈修,而是要在你生命的各個層面中繼續地學習和應用祂的智慧。

    Vision Statement