I’m New

I’m New

Here’s a little of what to expect when you visit FCBC Walnut.

What can I expect on a Sunday morning?

We would especially like to welcome you as a new visitor to FCBC Walnut. Feel free to pull up to the first and second rows – we’ve saved these just for you. As you head into the Main Sanctuary (MAC), you will be warmly greeted by our greeters. Notify them that you are a visitor and they will take good care of you.


What is your worship like?

Since our congregation has a wide age range, our song selection consists of both traditional hymns and contemporary songs.

When do you meet?

We have two services that start at 9 AM (1st) and 10:45 AM (2nd). The main Cantonese and Mandarin services meet during 1st Service while English has Sunday School, and the main English service meets during 2nd Service while Cantonese and Mandarin have Sunday School.

For more specifics, visit our Services and Times page.

What about the children?

We have something for them as well. We hold age-appropriate worship and classes during both 1st and 2nd Service. Check in at the table in front and we’ll show you where to go.

For more specifics, visit our Services and Times page.

What can I expect after service?

After service, we like to meet and greet with our new visitors. Stay a few minutes if you’d like and you’ll be introduced to some of our members and pastoral staff. We usually serve lunch at this time, and since you’re a visitor, it’ll be on us!

Lunch Time

How do people typically dress on Sundays?

On a typical Sunday, dress trends towards business-casual, but you can find anything from denim to suits. Feel free to come either way, and you’ll fit in just fine.