Youth (6th-12th)

General Ministries

General – Permission Slip. This is a blank form that can be filled out for general events such as class socials or other summer and/or future activities.

Sunday School

Every Sunday at 9:15 AM

6th – Room 207
7th/8th- Room 214

9th and 10th – Room 213
11th – Room 215
12th – Room 205

Youth Service

Our Youth Service exists for the purpose of giving the youth a conduit to worship and exercise their affection to God in a corporate church setting.

Every Sunday at 10:45 AM

6th-11th – Praise Center (Combines with English Service on the last Sunday of every month)
12th – Main Sanctuary (Combines with English Service)

Friday Nights

Every Friday (except the last Friday of the month) at 7:30 PM

GAP (God’s Anointed People)

Age Group: Junior High
Location: Rooms 214-215


Age Group: High School
Location: Room 214-215

Knowing that this time of life is precious and vital, Unikoi and GAP are marked by a commitment to God’s Word. We are convicted that God’s Word is the means by which people come to saving faith in Christ, and the means by which we are transformed and sanctified.

For more information, feel free to contact Pastor Terrence for Unikoi, and pastoral intern Kevin Quan for GAP, or check us out on Facebook.