My husband and I want to adopt. We have been waiting to be matched with a child for the past 2 years. To help us with the waiting period, we tried to stay busy – we owned a poke and boba shop, found new ministries to serve at church, and spent a lot of time with our family and friends. This waiting period has been a very difficult time for us. But only recently did I see our adoption journey in a new light. For the past month, there has been a lot of events, commitments, and changes going on in our lives. I started a new part-time job as a Visual Communications and Designer at our church (which I love), styled 2 birthday parties, began interior designing a friend’s house, and served at another church by leading children’s music. And this has all happened in 1 month!


I am so grateful for these blessings and the time and opportunity to do these things. The best part is that I love doing all these things, though we are so busy and our calendar has no empty time slots. But even so, I’m not stressed, our marriage is going well, and we’re constantly looking for new opportunities to host events and to do more. God is definitely providing for us and giving us the energy and heart to serve.


From Keeping Busy to Receiving Blessings


I previously saw us doing things as an in-between before we have a child. “While we wait, let’s own a poke and boba shop.” “Before we have a kid, let’s host more parties and invite people over.” To me, there was time to spend while we waited to be parents. My mentality was that we needed to stay busy to help us with the waiting period – we needed to ride it out. But now there’s a new perspective: we get to do all these things because we are adopting. It took me over 2 years to figure out that all of these blessings in our lives is because God put it in our hearts to adopt.


If we did not go on this adoption journey and, instead, tried to have kids biologically, we would not have had all these opportunities. Our time would have been much more limited. Maybe I would not have become a staff member at our church. I would also probably have been too busy planning my own kids’ birthday parties to help plan other kids’ birthday parties. Even helping my friend design her house – I was the one who asked her because I thought it would be fun.


God’s Plan to Reveal Peace and Grant Patience


God knows the plans He has for us. He knew our desire and passion for art, so he allowed us to be creative and do things we love while we waited to adopt. He knows our longing to be parents but these past 2 years without a child have been a blessing and just so incredible!


When God calls us to have a kid, and I hope it’s through adoption, I know that these past 2+ years of blessings in life are because of that baby. We have a lot to be thankful for because we waited. One reason adoption is not easy is that waiting is not easy. But sometimes God reveals peace and grants us patience through no other way.