1. Staying Close to Christ While Away from Your Home Church
  2. How I Built My Worship Set
  3. Finding Peace in an Anxious World
  4. Three Lessons Learned as a Pastoral Intern at an Asian American Church
  5. Not a Burden, But a Blessing
  6. Four Confirmations from the Getty Sing Conference
  7. Two Crucial Challenges from the Getty Sing Conference
  8. First Step: Follow Jesus
  9. Slowly but Surely
  10. Two Tasks for Worship Leaders: Prayer and Preparation
  11. Easter Wallpaper
  12. Enduring Trials and Transitions
  13. Three Ways to Walk
  14. Community Cure to Loneliness
  15. Taiwan Short Term Mission Reflections (Part 2)
  16. Tracking Your Time for the Glory of God
  17. Taiwan Short Term Mission Reflections (Part 1)
  18. A New Perspective on our Adoption Journey
  19. Lessons Learned Teaching Sunday School
  20. The Bump at 36 Weeks
  21. The Depths of Loneliness
  22. Why I Serve In AWANA Children’s Ministry
  23. Why Speakers Tournament?
  24. Fight for Joy
  25. Art and Aesthetics
  26. The Blessings of Loneliness
  27. The Lonely Heart
  28. Intergenerational Fellowship: A Neglected Blessing (Part 1)
  29. It Is Not Good For Man To Serve Alone
  30. How Podcasting Helps Preaching
  31. Why I Love FCBC Walnut
  32. The Importance of a Church Website
  33. Our Online Home
  34. Welcome to the Walnut Blog