This prayer was shared during In-Transit’s Praise and Prayer Night on March 21, 2019.

Lord, as young adults especially, our lives are in transition as we either move from college to the workforce, are applying to grad school, dealing with work issues, trying to find community, or other circumstances. And these things can be difficult because a lot is unknown to us. It can all be so paralyzing.

An Everlasting God

But God, I thank you that even with all the changes and unknowns, you are an everlasting God and you are faithful through it all. Even when it feels like we don’t know what will happen in our life and it doesn’t feel secure, thank you that we can trust and be secure in you. We’re thankful that you know the very depth of what we are each going through right now and that you walk with us in it.

Help Us Remember The Gospel

Help us, Lord, to remember the gospel. You sent your one and only son, Jesus, to die for us on the cross and rise again three days later, conquering sin and death. You have already given us the greatest gift and have shown us the greatest demonstration of love. And because of that, we can trust that with everything that happens in our lives, there is a purpose and you are using it to grow our faith and glorify your name.

Strength To Endure

So, Lord, would you give us the strength to endure in these hardships and transitions that we are going through. Help us cling to your Word as an anchor. Through your Word, give us wisdom on how we should navigate through each challenge. Help us to lean on each other for support and guidance.

Give us joy in each season, knowing that you love us so much and that you are with us. Thank you again, Lord, for your never-ending faithfulness to us.

I pray this in your Son’s name,