50+ Ministry

Be a vibrant follower of Jesus Christ & finish well.

50+ Ministry is a journey we will take together to discover what God has intended us to be and to accomplish at this very unique season of our life and to strive to become vibrant followers of Jesus so that we can finish well.


We are living in an era where we, who are in our 50s and beyond, still have the capability to make an impact in the lives of others and contribute to the community. You are the reason why we begin this ministry because you matter to God. You are not alone in this search for a higher purpose in life. We are in this together.


In this journey, we hope to explore these five key topics:

  1. Dealing With Our Regrets in Life
  2. Handling Our Unfinished Business
  3. Growing Old Gracefully
  4. Leaving a Legacy
  5. Preparing to Meet Our Creator

We all want to finish well. We want to make our lives count. We want those who come after us to find us faithful in our walk with God. The best years of our lives are yet to come. With God’s help and by His grace, we will finish well together, for His glory.

Looking for more?

Contact Albert Ting (Senior Pastor) at [email protected]