Two recent events in Indonesia will affect Christians and ministries. One is good news; the other may not be.

Good news – A Christian was recently chosen to be the national police chief. This will hopefully ensure some protection for Christians for years to come.

Bad news – A virtual police force is currently monitoring social media in Indonesia. They’re looking to stop fake news and hateful content. We’re not sure what they will consider hateful. We’re praying this doesn’t negatively impact our outreach efforts on Facebook.

Sentence Prayer: “Father, allow Guide to continue to share the gospel freely online!”


Statistics for February 2021

Total Interactions with websites/videos/FB = 2,696,831

Total Video Views = 1,581,983

Total Website Visits = 119,680
Total Hours Consumed = 19,706
Personal Emails/FB Messages/SMS = 8,072
Number of Indo-Malay Who Agreed to Meet in Person = 18