This is part two of Katy Lee’s reflections. You can read part one here.


This was my third year to National Central University (NCU) in Zhongli, Taiwan, doing outreach and discipleship at the cafe ministry on the campus of NCU. Every time I go on this Short Term Mission (STM) ready to serve, I come back being blessed more than I expected. It is absolutely true that it’s more blessed to give than to receive!

The best gifts to me are always the people. A seemingly coincidental meeting and conversation can make a lasting impact. As not to bore you with too many details, here is a brief sampling of the insights I gained from the people I met during our ministry. I hope you can also pray along with me for the requests I share below.


People do have a deep need and desire to know the true God.


“I believe there is a god, but I don’t know which one.” – Jerry, Taiwanese student

What Jerry said to me after English Corner is typical of many in Taiwan who are “spiritual”. Due to lack of time, I told him to seek truth by reading the Bible. God has given us the answers. The “prosperity gospel” movement has been very influential in Taiwan. While more Taiwanese are claiming to be “Christian,” they need to have true salvation in Jesus. Pray for Jerry and other Taiwanese to know the Truth.


God accomplishes His purposes, often in ways we cannot imagine.


“I want to save my first kiss for my wedding day, but I didn’t know anyone who did that. Thank you for encouraging me.” – Shinta, Christian Indonesian PhD student

Shinta and I were chatting over dinner about dating. We talked about purity and I told her my daughter had her first kiss on the altar on her wedding day. She was so happy to know that someone actually did that. I went into this STM prepared to disciple Indonesian Christian students like Shinta who are part of the cafe ministry. But while the students were too busy to meet us consistently, God provided just this one opportunity for me to talk to Shinta, and guided our conversation. Pray for the many Indonesian international students in Taiwan universities.


God can use us at any stage of life, don’t settle for a boring “retirement.”


“We will not be going back to Canada.” – Pastor Germaine

Five years ago, at age 69, Pastor Germaine and his wife sold their home, car, and boat, and moved to Taiwan in obedience to God’s call. He did not go to take up any position, but to simply live in Taiwan, serving by preaching and teaching wherever there is a need. I am greatly encouraged by his example. Pray for me and others in our church who are over the age of 50 to leverage our lives for the glory of God.


We share the Gospel because we’ve experienced the preciousness of our life in Christ.


“I want to share the gospel with college students because I was saved in college.” – Mardin

Mardin came from a difficult family background. He heard the gospel at DongHua University in his sophomore year. A Cru campus ministry staff discipled him, and after graduation, Mardin committed to serve as a Cru intern. He is now assigned to NCU in his 2nd year as an intern. His girlfriend also serves with Cru. Pray for Mardin to grow in his relationship with God and to serve courageously at NCU.


We can trust God to use our weaknesses because He alone is able. We need to ask for His help.


“I try but I’m scared to share the Gospel. I’ll try again.” – Vina


Vina, an Indonesian Masters student, brought her Vietnamese roommate to the cafe fellowship one time. We tried to contact her roommate but she did not come back for the next fellowship. Despite her fears, Vina said she will try to share the Gospel with her. I gave her a tract and encouraged her to pray as a missionary who shared at our church, Jarod Davis, taught us: “Open the door, open my mouth, and open their heart.”


I encourage you to pray that prayer for yourself each day and see how God will use you in living missionally wherever you are.