On January 26, 2021, around 7pm, immediately after the YFC’s (Youth For Christ’s) staff meeting, staff members were shocked and alarmed to see police cars flooding into the streets. They shouted amongst themselves “COVID is attacking!” They felt like they were in a war zone.



The YFC office is next to the Jordan Critical Zone, where taking the COVID Test is mandatory. Apparently, on January 24, the Hong Kong government had discussed locking down the Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market Zone, where the YFC office is. When the government considers locking down an area, it means that the area has surpassed the COVID danger level. Everyone inside the locked down area must take the COVID test to make sure that s/he is not a carrier before being allowed to go home.

YFC seemed to be in a war zone. Some staff members had to go home immediately; others had no choice but to stay. The whole drama lasted for about 12 hours. All the chaos dissipated by 6am the next day, when business went back to usual.





Back to business as usual at Hong Kong Youth for Christ…



FREE Noah’s Ark Hong Kong Tours, FREE admission, FREE tour, FREE lunch, FREE beverage, FREE bus round trip, FREE gifts in March and April.





FREE Gospel dinners at 2 restaurants…welcome co-sponsoring with any organizationin March and April.


PRAY for these activities: good organization, good attendance, people hunger for spiritual enlightenment and that the Gospel will be shared!