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From the Pastor’s Desk

Why Missions?


Why should FCBCW continue to be engaged in missions?  Why do you need to pay attention to missions?


The late John Stott mentioned that there are three motivations for missions:

1. Obedience to the Great Commission is the most common answer (Matthew 28:18-20).

2. Compassion for the unreached people is higher than obedience (Matthew 9:35-38).

3. But the highest incentive of all is zeal for the glory of God (Acts 17:16-17)


When the Creator of the Universe is denied His rightful place in the hearts of those whom He created, we should be stirred in our hearts to reclaim His supreme place of honor.  That’s why FCBCW should be engaged in missions.  Pastor John Piper has summarized it well: “Missions exists because worship doesn’t.”


Missions is a very visible part of our vision statement: “…vibrant church of disciple makers that reproduces vibrant churches locally and globally.”  I want to encourage you to pray for, be in support of and seek God for your role in God’s heart for the salvation of the unreached—locally and globally.

- Pastor Albert

Global Mission Partnerships

In 2018 our church casted a vision to make vibrant disciple makers globally by partnering with ministries committed to the Great Commission.  Praise God that in 2020 our church formalized partnerships with two organizations toward fulfilling the vision.  In this first issue, we will share about our first two global mission partners: IndoPartners and Union Bible Theological College (UBTC).



Modern technology has enabled sharing of the Gospel in ways not possible before the social media age. IndoPartners is dedicated to reaching Muslims through various digital platforms by leveraging modern technologies to enable Muslims around the world to hear about Jesus.  After receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior, the work of discipleship continues by trained field workers.  Some, in our church are already being trained and equipped to participate in digital evangelism as well as pray for Muslims.  Here, we will share IndoPartner’s weekly Guide “100-word” Update.

Union Bible Theological College (UBTC) of Mongolia

Mongolia is a relatively young country with only a handful of Christians in 1991.  Today there are still less than 2% who are Christians.  Solid pastoral training is critical in the growth of the church in Mongolia.  In our partnership with UBTC we provide scholarships to Bible students with whom we hope to build a ministry relationship after completion of their studies.  We will share the salvation testimony and ministry plans of one of our scholarship students.


STM Journey

Sharing by Jason STM Journey

Brother Jason Wang shares about his STM journey in response to God’s call to serve in Niger in 2019. Coming soon!


God works in and through our missionaries in the field.  They encounter people whose lives are changed through hearing God’s Word.  They may also encounter extraordinary circumstances that demonstrate God’s hand at work.  These are stories or testimonies from our supported mission partners.


Stories from the Field

God works in and through our missionaries in the field.  They encounter people whose lives are changed through hearing God’s Word.  They may also encounter extraordinary circumstances that demonstrate God’s hand at work.  These are stories or testimonies from our supported mission partners.


Hong Kong Youth for Christ through COVID-19

FCBC Walnut has supported David and Louise Chu since 1985.They have faithfully served with Hong Kong Youth for Christ since 1972. Their mission focus is on evangelism in schools, on the streets, and in the community centers.

Follow the Good Voice

John Van Meter ministers to marginalized people who have found Christ. He provides training on the practice of spiritual formation and coaching through retreats and personal relationship building.  John provided this short reflection (to show how God can draw us to Him) from a young sister who was rescued from human trafficking.


China Focus

Lockdown is Over, but Life is Still Not Normal

Just as it has brought much anxiety grief, and uncertainty to people here in the United States, the global pandemic has also taken an emotional toll in China. In this article from ChinaSource, Lisa, who works in the area of missionary member care, offers the perspectives of several counselors in China regarding the widespread impact of the “new normal” caused by the Coronavirus.  Amidst the devastation to families, marriages, and individuals they still find a hopeful window of opportunity to serve those whose lives have been upended by the crisis.


2022 STM Opportunities

Even as the pandemic has kept our church from sending STM teams out in 2020 and has created uncertainties for planning 2021 STM trips, we expect “doors” to reopen for our brothers and sisters to leave the four walls of FCBC Walnut and go serve internationally.  Several opportunities are being arranged by OMF for us to consider.  Look ahead and prepare for ministries the Lord may be putting in your heart.


Qiatou Taiwan Children Outreach

Read More Here


KFI Taiwan Children Outreach

Read More Here


Mongolia JCS TCK Care Ministry

Read More Here


Challenges for the Reader

Coming soon!









已故的John Stott曾提出三个宣教的动力:

  1. 顺服遵行大使命是最普遍的答案 (马太福音28:18-20)
  2. 对未得之民的负担和爱比顺服更重要 (马太福音9:35-38)
  3. 但最重要的还是竭诚为了神的荣耀 (使徒行传17:16-17)

当创造的主没有在受造者的心里占应有的地位,我们的心就应感到迫切,要神得到祂当得的尊荣。这就是核桃市教会要投入宣教的原因。John Piper牧师讲得很好:「我们需要宣教,因为人们没有敬拜神」

在我们教会的使命宣言中,宣教是很明显的一环:「… 为荣耀神而成为一个蓬勃的教会 …去衍生更多本地及海外蓬勃的教会。」既然神的心意是要那些本地和普世的未得之民听闻福音和得救。我鼓励大家为宣教祷告,支持宣教的事工,也寻求神对您的呼召和要有角色。




在2018年,教会决定跟委身主耶稣大使命的宣教事工配合,以达成教会在普世倍增门徒的使命。感谢赞美神,在2020年,核桃市教会正式跟两个机构结为伙伴,一同完成使命。本季的宣教期刋将会分享有关这两个机构:IndoPartners和蒙古联合圣经神学院 UBTC。









蒙古联合圣经神学院 (UBTC)






Jason 的分享

Jason Wang弟兄回应神的呼召,在2019年到西非的尼日宣教。Jason将分享他这短宣的旅程。







核桃市教会自1985年开始支持朱忠仁夫妇 (David and Louise Chu)。他们在1972年开始在香港的青年归主协会服事。事工主要是在学教,街头和小区中布道。





John Van Meter 主要是服事那些成为了基督徒的边缘人士。他提供灵命塑造的训练和借着建立友谊和举办退修会来栽培他们工人。John用一位从人口贩卖中被救出来的姊妹为例子来帮助我们思想神如何吸引我们到祂跟前。



















蒙古基督教学校和第三文化儿童 (宣教士的子女) 的关怀事工






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